How To Become PDO

PDO(Public Data Office)

What is PDO?

Anyone can use Wi-Fi connectivity to browse the internet at the Public Data Office.


Who may apply to be a PDO?

  • A PDO could be started by anyone, including a businessperson, a resident, a professional, a village level entrepreneur (VLE), etc.
  • Locations like neighbourhood markets, booths, tea stalls, kirana stores, vegetable shops, restaurants, and roadside homes are ideal for launching a Public Data Office and providing Wi-Fi coverage for internet access.

Why should you become a PDO?

An extra source of income from selling internet access is available, and shop owners can conduct online transactions with ease. Sales have increased as a result of more people visiting sites.

How do I turn into a PDO?

Set up a fixed-line broadband connection with any ISP in your area Speak with a PDOA to complete the business model and choose the right kind of Wi-Fi Access Point
Set up the Wi-Fi access point and begin offering users internet connectivity.


How can I get in touch with a PDOA?

Choice 1: Go to https://pmwani.gov.in/ and insert
the available inquiry form with the essential information. You might hear from PDOAs.
Choice 2: To learn more, go to https://pmwani.gov.in
addresses for the office, e-mail, and phone in PDOAs, and you can get in touch with them personally.

How much money you must invest to become a Public Data Office?

At most, a Public Data Office may need to make a one-time expenditure in the purchase and installation of a Wi-Fi access point depending on the business model that has been decided upon with a PDOA. A Public Data Office may also charge a monthly fee for the broadband connection.

Who may be the potential clients?

People who desire to use high-speed internet for work, such the following, will benefit from it: Local business owners, artisans, and professionals (such as electricians, plumbers, carpenters, etc.) that want to sell their products and services online. Students might benefit from using numerous online educational platforms and learn much more effectively. Using e-government websites to apply for jobs, take examinations, conduct interviews, and access other programmes. Farmers who can access information on the newest agricultural techniques and expert advice. Everyone can learn more about the government programmes that have been introduced for their benefit.

Why would someone purchase Wi-Fi coupons if they already had a mobile data (3G/4G) subscription?

Parameter 3G/4G network Wi-Fi
Coverage Not available everywhere especially inside the buildings and in congested areas Good quality Wi-Fi signal of a PDO may be available at such locations
Speed Reliability at a location depends on signal quality and number of simultaneous users connected to the network Being a localised service, a PDO could offer highqualityreliable internet connectivity
User experience Varies from location to location Good user experience can be consistently offered

What is PDO’s business model?

The PDO can deploy an access point using one of two models: indoor deployment or outdoor deployment.